Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Lying Game

The Lying Game was offered on Free Book Friday a couple weeks ago and since I was between books on my Nook I gave it a try.

Right away the story drew me in, Emma was in shock seeing a girl who looked just like her being strangled in a video on youtube. Unsure what to do Emma scours the web and comes across the facebook page of the girl that looks just like her. Messaging her quickly Emma is delighted when the girl writes back asking her to meet with her. Having nothing to lose Emma backs her bag and heads to Arizona to meet her long lost twin sister. Instead of her sister many puzzles appear the most puzzling of them all Sutton has disappeared and someone wants Emma to pretend to be her.

I never watched Pretty Little Liars but I did enjoy the story a lot, I was constantly kept guessing and I enjoyed that. I never knew what was coming or what was going to happen. I already have the second book checked out and I cannot wait to read it.


  1. It's hard to believe what the new technology allows us to see. Can you imagine seeing a woman literally strangled or murdered in someway by video or on social media? Would like to read this story.

    1. That thought is why I wanted to read the book so badly. It just stuck with me. You are right about technology with everything happening I never know what I will see on social media anymore. My first thought would be it was some sick joke but if the person looked just like me it would freak me out and I would not know what to do. The whole idea the story is centered around is fun and makes me want to keep reading. Thanks for the wonderful comments Tea.