Sunday, February 26, 2017

Cold-Hearted Rake

The only reason I chose Cold-Hearted Rake was I love the dress on the cover. Sadly it had far too many intimate scenes for my taste but I did enjoy the overall story.

Widowed after three days of marriage Kathleen is unsure of what is going to happen to her since the new Earl seems keen on disposing of the estate and moving on quickly. Worried for her three in-laws Kathleen attempts to think of a solution that will keep her and the younger girls off the streets. 

Devon has always loved his life of freedom and no worries. Learning that his cousin has passed away at a rather young age he is annoyed to bothered with the shambles of an estate he has inherited. Determined to piece the estate off as quickly as possible Devon does not count on Kathleen standing up to him and demanding he figure out what would happen to the 200 families that work on the estate.

I enjoyed the story and the writing just too many inmate scenes for me personally. I may continue on with the next book in the series if I happen to see it at the library but I wont seek it out.

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