Friday, January 13, 2017


Ignite is the second book in the Defy trilogy.

Having helped Damion take the throne from his father Alexa is happy for things to go back to normal. Terrified of Damion's feelings towards her and embarrassed by the burn scars on half her face Alexa runs from her feelings about Damion. Refusing to acknowledge how she feels for him she just hides behind being his guard. Soon a delegation from a neighboring kingdom arrives to meet with the young king only to bring with them a host of problems.

Since a third country was introduced I wish that it had been set up a little bit in Defy. Barely mentioned I was sort of confused as to why a third country was suddenly needed. I did enjoy Ignite though, the writing was fast paced and wonderfully smooth. I checked out Endure last night and I cannot wait to start it.

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