Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Scorch Trials - The Maze Runner #2

I was looking forward to The Scorch Trials but it was a huge let down. While I understand the series is a trilogy I really hoped for a little more information on what was going on. At times I had to force myself to keep reading and The Scorch Trials had several boring parts that did not really seem to fit the story well.

The story starts out with a good deal of filler and to me at least it did not seem the real story started until several chapters in. Once the plot picked up it got a bit more interesting but after a chapter or so of the same thing occurring I was quickly bored with things.

Thomas started out as a very interesting character and I loved the growth he showed in The Maze Runner. I saw none of that growth in The Scorch Trials. Seems like the only thing that Thomas did was fall asleep or pass out which got old fast. Instead of trying to work at figuring things out Thomas just seemed a bit content to let other people do the work and seemed to give up many times.

Another huge disappointment was Teresa, I liked the route that was being taken with her in The Maze Runner but that seems to have been forgotten for The Scorch Trials. Teresa was not around much of the time and when she was around I was like what the heck is going on. I hope for more of her in The Death Cure and hopefully her parts will be more solid.

While the writing flowed smoothly the jittery plot and repetitiveness of things with Thomas just had me wanting The Scorch Trials to end. 

The overall feel I got for The Scorch Trials was Dashner did not know where he was going with the story so he just went all over the place with the plot which was not the best strategy. If not for the teaser of the third book at the end I would not bother to continue the series.

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