Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Reign of Blood

Reign of Blood was not really what I thought it would be but I ended up enjoying it.

April is one of three remaining humans in the world as far as she knows. Her mother and younger brother were not affected by the virus that turned humans into feral vampires. Despite even being bitten by vampires April does not lose her mind and start craving blood. Determined to live April and her family hide in a bunker at night and pillage the city of Las Vegas during the day for supplies. This has worked out well for April until one day her mother and brother disappear leaving behind blood. Unsure what to do April hunts for her family hoping for the best but fearing the worse.

The writing felt a bit repetitive at times with the fight scenes and it was gruesome in part. I scare easily and parts did scare me but not enough I stopped reading. Since I do not want to give spoilers I cannot say what else I did not like but I did like it enough to want to read the squeal.

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